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Welcome! If you're reading this you might know something about Refresh Bolivia- which inspired many of the things we'll be talking about. Go to the "What's happening, what's going on" post to learn more about who we are. There will be no real order but expect to read a bit about: healthcare systems, wellness, non-profit management, politics, psychology and anthropology. As the title implies this blog seeks to discover where each of our balance lies - naive vs hopeful. As young professionals we are still all a bit naive, but hopefully through reflection we'll grow more aware of the world around us while still maintaining the hope that fuels us every day. We'll try to have as many guest writers as possible to foster diversity + community and to let you see if we're really just naive or hopeful.

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As the founder and Executive  Director of RB it's inspired me to learn about a variety of themes in global health. I've studied healthcare systems, knowledge attitudes and practices surrounding health in Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua, India, South Africa, Peru, Ecuador, France and of course Bolivia. My interests include Latin America, politics, psychology, wellness, public health and business. I'm a Harvard graduate in History of Science and Global Health, aspiring physician and hope to spend the rest of my life trying to minimize the inequalities in our world. Maybe it won't be fixed in my lifetime but it's a joy and a privilege to get to try. 

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I am a junior at Harvard College studying Biostatistics and Global Health. My research interests involve applying data science, machine learning, and statistical modeling tools to public health problems.  I enjoy learning foreign languages, not only to facilitate my international work, but to show his sincerity and be present for those I serve.  My ultimate goal is to maximize my social impact by fighting health inequity at the systems level. I will be writing about nonprofit management, medical anthropology, data science, and any other revelations I have related to global health!



 As a director of Refresh Bolivia, I have spearheaded many research and public health efforts. In addition to pursuing a career as a future physician, I also plan to be heavily involved in developing and leading public health programs to bridge the medical care gap in underserved populations. Getting involved with Refresh Bolivia continues to be one of the highlights of my academic career, and I hope to continue working towards improving the quality of life for these underserved populations.

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